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New community introduction

Hello everyone,
some of you are familiar with my Power Rangers and Boukenger stories, but I have also been working on a fantasy trilogy for some time now. Since I am quite proud of those stories, I have decided to create this fic journal community to 'publish' them for any potentially interested readers.


1. Although the first story "Echos of Evil" introduces the main character of the trilogy and begins in the magical realm of Ithrandar, it is set against the background of the Power Rangers Ninja Storm universe. Readers might want to be familiar with the characters and canon of that show.
2. Although nothing too graphic is being displayed, all three stories contain *slash*, meaning depictions of love between two men and homosexual relations. Please be open-minded to this concept before you read these stories!

Part one of the trilogy is "Echos of Evi":


Comments and feedback is greatly appreciated!

A huge Thank You to Cmar, who has betaed every chapter of each story! Her input was and continues to be invaluable, and her encouragements kept me going many times when I felt like it was a mistake to ever even have started on this :)

And now...enjoy the story!
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